Project Directors
Dr. Patrick O’Callaghan
Tel: +353 (0)21 490 1881

Prof. Maria Cahill
Tel: +353 (0)21 490 2343

Luke Noonan

Project Coordinators
Deirdre Leahy, PhD Candidate
Amy O’Halloran, PhD Candidate

Secretary to the IRLII Executive Council
Sarahjane O’Shea, BCL (Clinical) (Year 4)

Senior Researchers
Eoin Burke, BCL (Law and Business) (Year 4)
Denis Clancy, BCL (Law and Business) (Year 3)
Diarmuid Corcoran, LLM Candidate
Zuzana Jara, Evening BCL (Year 4)
Jessica Leahy, LLM Candidate
Éadaoin McEvoy, BCL (Law and French) (Year 4)
Ruairi McIntyre, BCL (Year 2)
Muireann Murphy, BCL (Law and Irish) (Year 3)
Sarahjane O’Shea, BCL (Clinical) (Year 4)
Caoimhe Ryan, BCL (Law and Business) (Year 3)
Gearoid Smiddy, BCL (Year 2)
Sophie Tuffy, BCL (Law and French) (Year 3)
Shane Veillard, BCL (Year 2)
Cillian Walsh, BCL (Year 3)

Working Group Chairs
Marketing: Zuzana Jara, Evening BCL (Year 4)
Sponsorship and Finance: Cian Cotter, BCL (Law and Business) (Year 3)

Researchers and Mentors
Stephen Archer, LLB (Year 2)
Katie Blyth, BCL (Year 2)
Bailey Lane, BCL (Law and Business) (Year 2)
Katie McCarthy, BCL (Law and French) (Year 3)
Julie O’Donoghue, Evening BCL (Year 4)
Patrick Treacy, BCL (Law and Business) (Year 2)
Pippa Willows, Evening BCL (Year 4)

Jessica Butler, BCL (Year 3)
Sarah Byrt, BCL (Law and Irish) (Year 3)
Olivia Creed, Evening BCL (Year 4)
Isabel Gallagher, BCL (Law and French) (Year 3)
Seán Guilfoyle, BCL (Year 2)
Niamh Hegarty, Evening BCL (Year 4)
Jack Kenny, BCL (Law and Business) (Year 2)
David Leen, BCL (Law and Business) (Year 4)
Hazel McAuliffe, BCL (Law and Business) (Year 3)
Oonagh Murray, BCL (Year 2)
Diandra Ní Bhuachalla, LLB (Year 2)
Lauren Ní Fhloinn, BCL (Law and French) (Year 4)
Chris O’Connell, BCL (Year 2)
Niamh Roche, BCL (Law and Business) (Year 2)
David Sahm, BCL (Year 2)
Ben Williamson, BCL (Year 2)

Trainee Researchers 
Rachel Barclay, BCL (Clinical) (Year 3)
Sophie Bolger, BCL (Year 2)
Rioghan Brennan, BCL (Pathways) (Year 1)
Kevin Coleman, BCL (Law and Irish) (Year 3)
Jack Coughlan, LLB (Year 1)
Victoria Oluwatobi Isa Daniel, LLM (International Human Rights Law and Public Policy)
Laya Little, LLB (Year 1)
Molly Mc Closkey, BCL (Law and Irish) (Year 2)
Margaret O’Brien, BCL (International) (Year 2)
James O’Donovan, BCL (Law and Business) (Year 3)
Heather O’Leary, LLB (Year 1)
Amy O Rourke, BCL (Law and Business) (Year 1)
Sinéad O Sullivan, LLB (Year 1)
Aoife Power, BCL (Pathways) (Year 1)
Laura Walsh, Evening BCL (Year 2)

IRLII Advisory Council
Silvia-Maria Crowley; Niamh Trant.

Website Development
Original site design: Micheal O Dowd.
Upgrade (2015): Niamh Stockil.
Upgrade (2019): Theme Mount

Logo Design (2019)
Amy Begley

Special Thanks
The creation of this website and service has been funded by the Arthur Cox Foundation and the School of Law, University College Cork.

A special word of thanks and acknowledgement is also extended to Professor John Mee who directed the IRLII project, and its former sister site, for many years.

Past Contributors
We would also like to thank those who have worked on the project in the past, including Michelle Anders; Cathalina Auchincloss; Clíona Boland; Michael Boland; Alison Clarke; Sinéad Crowe; Tiernan Fitzgibbon; PJ Kiely; Emily Macilwraith; Cillian Mac Namara; Elaine McCarthy; Shauna Murphy Dooley; Katie Ní Loingsigh; Stephen Nolan; Mícheál O’Dowd; Cárthach Ó Faoláin, Dr. Conor O’Mahony; Rachel O’Sullivan; Deborah Taylor; Marie Vaughan; Louise Vélon, David Walsh; Rebecca Whelan; and Dr. Darius Whelan.